Join us as we seek to promote data literacy at Northeastern University.

About DATA Club

DATA Club brings in speakers from industry and academia, hosts workshops, data challenges, and provides project opportunities for students to pursue their interests in leveraging data.

Speakers & Networking

We bring in experts across a wide range of disciplines to share their insights on AI, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and also professional advice for students who are interested or pursuing a career in Data Science. Students will get a chance to network with industry experts as well as students who share similar interests in data.

Past events

DATA Challenges

Compete against other students using real data sets and real challenges. Have the chance to use the skills gained at workshops to solve problems for companies using their data. The most recent Data Challenge was in partnership with the city of Boston and consisted of bike traffic and accident visualizations.

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Technical Workshops

Take the time to learn a new skill with data. We will work to bring in informative classes meant to enhance your ability in working with data. Past events include: Tableau Workshop, Python Workshops, R Studio Data Scraping Workshop, and Machine Learning Workshop Series.  

Past workshops & resources

Snowball Program (NEW)

Snowball is a hands-on program to apply data analytics and data science techniques to practical and meaningful problems. This is facilitated through the Data Club’s leadership which provides guidance and training to students who participate in either the Snowball project or competition tracks.

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2021 Spring Events


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Zoom link for all events: 

3/16 6PM - Python Libraries Workshop

We are hosting an interactive workshop on Tuesday 3/16 @ 6PM to explore Python Libraries, more specifically what are python libraries, why are python libraries important, how to use them, pandas, matplotlib, numpy, and we will be concluding with a demo!


Date/time: 6PM EST, March 16th, 2021

2/23 6PM - Tableau Workshop

We are hosting an interactive workshop on Tuesday 2/23 @ 6PM to explore Tableau, a data visualization software used by many of the Fortune 500 companies. Tune in to learn and implement visualization best practices to best represent data! See you there!


Date/time: 6PM EST, February 23rd, 2021

2/18 6PM - Genentech: Heng-Yi (Michael) Wu

Guest speaker: Heng-Yi (Michael) Wu Michael

Michael is an Informatics Analyst II for DevSci Informatics at Genentech. He is a scientist in a broad-range of Data Science and Informatics fields, has expertise in Text Mining for clinical data and biomedical literature using Natural Language Processing and Machine/Deep learning, Data Mining using statistical modeling for Electronic Medical Records, Data Analysis for biological data, and Software development for biological analysis. Mr. Wu earned an MS in Bioinformatics, and has a PhD in Health Informatics from Indiana University.

Date/time: 6PM EST, February 18th, 2021

2/17 6PM - Data Collection Workshop

Guest speaker: Heng-Yi (Michael) Wu Michael

Kick off your Snowball project or learn how to start a data science project of your own during our Data Collection Workshop! We will be going over basics of data types, data wrangling, data sources, Jupyter notebooks and more.

Date/time: 6PM EST, February 17th, 2021

2/9 6PM - How to Audit algorithms and AI models?

Guest speaker: Sri Krishnamurthy

Sri is the CEO of QuantUniversity and has more than 15 years of experience in analytics, quantitative analysis, statistical modeling, and designing large-scale applications. Previously, Mr. Krishnamurthy has worked for Citigroup, Endeca, and MathWorks and has consulted with more than 25 customers in the financial services and energy industries. He has trained more than 1,000 students in quantitative methods, analytics, and big data in the industry and at Babson College, Northeastern University, and Hult International Business School, many of whom work in data science roles at financial services firms.


In this talk, Sri will introduce Algorithmic auditing and discuss why Algorithmic auditing will be a formal career choice in the near future. Sri will also discuss the emerging risks in the adoption of AI and discuss how QuSandbox, his company is building will address the emerging needs of formal Algorithmic auditing practices in enterprises.

Date/time: 6PM EST, February 9th, 2021

Slides from the session: here




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