Join us as we seek to promote data literacy at Northeastern University.

About DATA Club

Curious what we do? DATA Club brings in speakers from industry and academia, hosts workshops, data challenges, and provides project opportunities for students to pursue their interests in leveraging data.

Classes & Workshops

Take the time to learn a new skill with data. We will work to bring in informative classes meant to enhance your ability in working with data. Past events include: Tableau Workshops, Python Workshops, R Studio Data Scraping Workshop, and Machine Learning Workshop Series.

Data Projects

Work with your peers to discover unique insights about domains and topics that you are most interested in. Learn data science techniques from experienced students in a hands-on manner and deliver insights on your research topic at the end of the semester during our exhibition.

Speaker Events

DATA Club brings in speakers across a wide selection of disciplines and interests. Past speakers include Wellington Management, Northeastern University Ethics Institute, and the City of Boston Principle Data Scientist.

Data Challenges

Compete against other students using real data sets and real challenges. Have the chance to use the skills gained at workshops to solve problems for companies using their data. The most recent Data Challenge was in partnership with the City of Boston and consisted of bike traffic and accident visualizations.

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