Snowball is a hands-on program to apply data analytics and data science techniques to practical and meaningful problems. This is facilitated through the DATA Club’s leadership which provides guidance and training to students who participate in either the Snowball project or competition tracks.


Project Track

Students are able to explore our project repository or come up with a topic they’re interested in exploring with data and are able to walk through our project pipeline with a mentor from the DATA Club to find datasets, complete analysis, and share their findings.

Competition Track

Students compete in a predefined challenge to understand datasets from our corporate sponsor that reveal information that the sponsor is interested in learning about. These projects will also have access to mentorship from the DATA Club and will be judged by a panel to determine prize winners.

Snowball meeting times: Wednesdays at 6PM EST

Location: 106 West Village G

Snowball Project Track Timeline 2023 Spring
  • January 18th – Club Intro Meeting
  • January 25th – Snowball Matchmaking Meeting
  • January 29th – Snowball Proposal Due
  • February 4th – Snowball Proposal Decisions Out
  • More Updates to Come…



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