Speakers and Networking Events

We want to enable our members to learn practical and employable data science skills. To guide this learning, we bring in speakers and recruiters from companies that are at the forefront of data science across industries such as finance, security, and healthcare. Below are some of the past events that we have hosted and speakers we have brought in.

Justin Grosfelt & Jonathan Northcott

Jason Grosfelt and Jonathan Northcott presented on Malware C2 Profiling with Data Analytics and provided a detailed overview of how Recorded Future builds detection systems for malware controllers and HTTP(s) and Why It’s Important in the context of serving secure data science solutions.

Ed McGrath, Martha Bellows, Alex Giese

The DATA Club was able to host three data scientists from Johnson & Johnson: Ed McGrath, Martha Bellows, and Alex Giese for a discussion of data science functions at Johnson & Johnson and career advice for prospective data scientists. The three were able to walk the group through the role of data science at J&J, the typical workflow within the DS department, and various projects that the data science unit works on.

Slides from the session can be viewed here

Eduardo Blancas

Eduardo Blancas works at Fidelity Investments as a machine learning scientist on the Asset Management group in Fidelity’s Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence. Eduardo detailed important software engineering principles for deployment, such as stateless programming, single responsibility, and incremental development as key to delivering enterprise-grade software in executing ML projects.

Nakil Das & Diya Das

Informatics Engineer, Nakul Das, and Informatics Analyst, Diya Das, presented an overview on the role of data science at Genentech, existing roles and structures on the Informatics team, and provided advice for data scientists aspiring to enter the biotechnology industry.




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